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Budva, Montenegro
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Dukley Hotels and Resorts lets you to stay at the luxurious Dukley Beach Residence and have a memorable holiday in this unique and tranquil oasis. Or choose a Dukley Old Town Residence near the Old Town in Budva to enjoy the rich day and nightlife this beautiful Mediterranean town has to offer.
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Own a part of a tucked-in oasis by the seaside, only a two-hour flight from the busiest European cities. Your family will enjoy the privacy and safety of the most luxurious residential complex on the sunny Adriatic Coast. Bask in the irresistible charm of the Mediterranean on a private beach, while enjoying the impeccable service of the Dukley staff and the specialties of both the local and international cuisine.
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Dukley Gardens' special guest, Steven Seagal
American actor and musician, Steven Seagal is in Montenegro for the first time. For his family vacation, he chose peaceful oasis Dukley Gardens
Jay Kay relaxes in Dukley Gardens
Famous front man of the band Jamiroquai spends his vacation in Dukley Gardens.
Located on the waterfront, Dukley's indoor-outdoor restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Lounge is complimented by an elegant seasonal menu of local and continental cuisine, an international wine list, expert service, a breathtaking sunset and panoramic views of the Adriatic.
Here, you can relax and enjoy the tastes of only organic and fresh foods, which have been carefully selected by our chefs from our local market.
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Dukley Marina Budva, situated by the walls of the Old Town, is one of the most beautiful nautical destinations in the Mediterranean. As part of the D-Marin Group, the highest level of service is guaranteed. The Budva Riviera will awaken all of your senses with its intact nature, excellent service, tasty and healthy food, versatile cultural events and an exciting nightlife.
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Own a residence in this modern building, mere steps away from the Old Town in Budva. Enjoy the spectacular views of the walls of Old Town, the luxurious marina and the seascape, where the sea meets the sky in a unique horizon of freedom and pleasure at your very doorstep.
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In Budva you can enjoy the sun and the sea, the excellent food and wine, and have fun all day and night. The Dukley Beach Club on Pizana Beach, right by our luxury marina, provides a wonderful, refreshing setting during the hot days of summer and hosts memorable evening parties after the sun sets.
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At the international Children’s Center, kids are greeted with a smile by our knowledgeable teachers. They will spend their days surrounded by books, easels and all the colors of a child’s imagination and curiosity. Children can always join us for an all-day stay, or they can simply drop by for an hour or two while their parents dine at the restaurant and sightsee on an excursion organized by Dukley Gardens or Dukley Hotels and Resorts.
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Kucha Mala
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We founded a European association of artists, a unique program in the Mediterranean that brings together artists from all over the world, thus creating a whole new international community here, in Montenegro. Apart from a rich artistic and cultural program year round, DEAC provides the residents of Dukley and the local artists with an opportunity to easily join a creative business.
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